RW Company

We sell Verde Valley Harley accessories, custom Harley parts, chrome accessories, and other motorcycle stuff.

RW Company’s Bike Stuff is a seller of Verde Valley Harley accessories for motorcycles invented by Robert L. Wilson (Bob to his friends) while rebuilding his Harley Davidson. His motorcycle was painted white and as you all know Harley Davidson owners love to keep their bikes spit-shined, but with the breather hose spitting oil mist all over this pretty bike, Bob’s head started spinning. Thus was born the EBOC (engine breather oil collector). But that was just the beginning of the custom parts Bob was to invent.


In 1999, after much consideration, Bob tearfully agreed to sell the old bike but only after making sure it went to a good home. He then purchased a brand spanking new Harley Davidson Heritage Softail for his father’s day gift. After adding chrome accessories to everything except his wife’s ass, he decided the luggage rack was an unsightly piece not suitable for HIS Harley, especially when it was not in use. (If you have a removable luggage rack, 9 times out of 10 it’s at home in the garage when you need it). Bells started to ring and lights were flashing, Bike Stuff’s fold down luggage rack was born. As you can see from the luggage rack page, it’s quite a dandy piece of work and real handy when you need it.


The company has grown and now sells a great variety of motorcycle accessories. We sell chrome accessories like clocks, thermometers, and compasses. To keep your Harley Davidson looking and working good we have oil filters and our very own invention, the oil mist collector. Of course we have our famous fold down luggage rack and bag . Take a look at the menu at left, you’ll like what you find.